Free Subdomain

A subdomain is the prefix added onto a domain name. An example is

PetShopPro will create a subdomain for you and your organization for free. You just request the name you want when you sign up and create a site. If your name was Lab Rescue NC you might want to request the subdomain this would be your permanent url you would share with others.

If any of this sounds confusing don't worry we'll take care of everything.

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Easily Manage Your Animals

Your user interface is very simple to use but also offers many extended features for those looking to delve deeper into the software and customize it.

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Fully Customizable Theme

You can with just a few clicks and selections change your sites look and feel including color scheme, background, and fonts. You can even preview the theme before you commit the changes.

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List Contact Information

List your phone, fax, email, address, heck our software will even allow you to display your location on Google Maps™ so your clients can get directions to your facility.

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Setup Wizard for New Users

A setup wizard will guide you through making all the changes you need to get your site up and running. Not only is our software free, but it also lends you a hand getting you started.

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